Inspect Announces Strategic Investment from Ghost Foundation to Boost Web3 Adoption

2 min readApr 22, 2023


Inspect is delighted to reveal a strategic investment from the Ghost Foundation, the investment and management arm of Ghost Kid DAO. This collaboration seeks to solidify Inspect’s position in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape and leverage the Ghost Foundation’s extensive resources and expertise to transform promising projects into long-lasting, thriving entities within the blockchain ecosystem.

About Ghost Foundation and Ghost Kid DAO Ecosystem:

Ghost Kid DAO boasts a flourishing ecosystem characterized by a committed community, exceptional visibility, and an array of potent tools. The Ghost Foundation, serving as the investment and management arm of Ghost Kid DAO, dedicates itself to fostering and expanding projects within the blockchain space by providing guidance, advice, and access to the essential tools and resources required for sustained success.

“Today marks a major milestone for Inspect, as several industry leaders join us to pursue our mission. The investment from Ghost Foundation, along with other leading investors, will unlock the unlimited potential of Inspect and other products/services to pave the way for mass adoption of crypto.” Oliver Cohen , President of Inspect

A Shared Vision for the Future of Web3:

The strategic partnership and investment from Ghost Foundation signify a major milestone for Inspect, as industry frontrunners unite to advance the company’s mission. The backing from Ghost Foundation, together with other prominent investors, will unleash the full potential of Inspect’s products and services, thereby facilitating the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies.

“Ghost Foundation is thrilled about this collaboration with Inspect and how it will shape the future of web3. We believe the platform that prioritizes users will emerge as a new star in the crypto space while working toward the same objective.”— Ghost Foundation

About Inspect and NFT Inspect:

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